Questions To Ask Your Doctor Before Cancer Treatment

Some Ideas of Questions To Ask:

What’s the treatment plan? What’s the goal of treatment? (Cure? Remission? Symptoms relieved?) What are potential risks of the treatment? Some doctors don’t like to talk about side effects, thinking it may plant the seed for your mind to run wild. If you feel your doctor’s not talking, ask more questions. Even if all the answers are, “It varies.” “It’s so individual.” “We don’t know.” But ask, “What do I do if _____?” “Will ‘it’ (nausea, neuropathy. . .) go away?” “Will ‘it’ (hair, energy. . .) come back?”

Tip: Use one pad of paper for all your cancer related doctor appointments. Write the date and doctor’s name at the top of the page. This way, if one doctor asks you about a visit with another doctor, you’ll have all your questions and answers with you.

Use the same pad of paper to write down questions that come up between doctor appointments. One day I joked about my always having my yellow pad of paper with me. The medical team said, “We love it! You don’t forget to ask us anything, and it saves time.”


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