Cancer is not a “war” — You are not a “victim”

I’m not saying cancer’s easy. I’m saying don’t give cancer power. We give people and events power over us by talking bad about them. They become larger than life. It’s a bit like the Dementors in Harry Potter. “The big c” is the condition we treat like Lord Voldemort—or dare I say, “He who must not be named.” Dementors were dark creatures.The foulest inhabitants of life. They would steal happiness, and cause depression. The more people freaked out about them, the more life Dementors gained.

Change your perspective about your experience with cancer. Change your vocabulary from “war”, “battle”, “fight”, “struggle”, “victim”, “the big c”, “survivor”, “warrior”, “sick”, and “I have cancer” to wording like “condition”, “experience”, “I’ve been diagnosed with cancer”, “I had cancer”, “I went through the cancer journey, or experience.” The idea is state the fact without claiming having a disease (dis-ease). It’s just a matter of changing your perception and semantics. I believe they both play into our health and happiness.

You’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel. I trust you’ll know it’s not a train.


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