I Embrace Health (an affirmative prayer)

As published in Creative Thought Magazine February 2010

There is only Divine Perfection. It is at the core of me. It is my cellular essence. Knowing every aspect of my physical self is God, I let my body express and experience God as joy, love, health, and wealth.

I am flexible and strong, beautiful and whole. Circulation in my body is easy and perfect. My vision, hearing, and speech are clear. I am positive as I move through my day with confidence in youthful maturity. I am that I AM. Any seeming disbelief in my body’s perfection is replaced with knowing I am God in action. I am the channel God moves in, speaks from, and sees through. I also know all I encounter is God—everyone and everything, everywhere. As I release any appearance of disbelief, I direct the perfection of God to replace the void with vibrant energy and love—love of life, love for myself, love for others. All is well. I feel it, embrace it, and live it. And so it is.

Rev. Claudia Mulcahy


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