Fatigue can effect concentration and the ability to complete daily tasks. You may have low energy and high need for rest after doing non-strenuous activities. For me, applying make-up—even while sitting down, was exhausting. I settled for lipstick and earings.

Anxiety and depression can add to fatigue, as can unending pain, sleep disturbance, lack of exercise and side effects of some medications.

Here are some tips to help you move through the fatigue:

Ask for help. Have a sign up list, or call in favors from those who’ve said, “If you need anything…”

Use paper plates instead of needing to wash dishes, or empty the dish washer. Think of paper plates as the environmental trade-off of saving water.

Prioritize you activities to conserve your energy. Some activities—and people take more energy than others. Put the important things earlier in the day.

Food provides your body energy. Try to eat a balanced diet. Even if you don’t feel like eating, set your mind to eat something—half a cup of yogurt, string cheese, a piece of fruit—every 2 hours.

Exercise daily. Your ability to do so may vary. It may mean walking to the mailbox, or around the block. It may mean going to a yoga class. I enjoy exercise, but for me, it was one of the hardest things to push through.

What’s your input on how to deal with fatigue?


2 thoughts on “Fatigue

    • Hi Barbara,
      Glad you like the blog. Yes, many of the tips are from my upcoming book. I’ll keep you posted as more unfolds.
      Thanks for checking in. Please share the blog with patients, friends and family who may find themselves walking this path.
      Many thanks!

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