Nausea and Vomiting

I was fortunate. I never once threw up. My lips quivered four months, but I never lost my lunch.

Prevention is crucial. Take your anti-nausea (antimetic) medication. If the side effects are rough, tell your doctor. There are plenty of options for other medications.

Here are some tips for preventing or managing nausea and vomiting:

—Eat small amounts, frequently. Don’t get hungry. Nibble here and there throughout the day.

—Drink well before or after a meal. Otherwise, you’ll get full on a half glass of water and not want to eat. Drink in sips versus a big drink at once. Keep a balance between hydration and nutrition.

—Eat food at room temperature. (The aroma of heated food may set off nausea.) If the food needs to be heated up, use the microwave, then let it sit to cool off some. Or, have it prepared out of the home. Between smells and energy, it’s in your best interest to let others cook for you. Tell them what works these days. Your taste buds and tolerance will change.

—Go easy on greasy and spicy food, especially on an empty stomach.

—The day of chemotherapy and the day after, eat lightly, if not liquid only. I stuck with 7-Up, a few saltine crackers and chicken broth.

—Avoiding lying down for two hours after eating will help greatly in reducing nausea.

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