I Trust Life (an affirmative prayer)

As published in Creative Thought Magazine, January 2008

There is One Power, One Presence, and One Infinite Wisdom. I look out and know I have a universal support system. My every breath is provided for me. My heart beats with joy, and I am open to Divine Life affirming who I am and the desires I hold.

Taking time daily, I pause to embrace the feeling of trust, knowing, and faith that the Universe supports me in all my good. I release any fear and replace it with faith. When I have faith, I release worry and doubt. I trust things work out for me easily at the right time. I visualize myself reaping the success of God’s abundance. I embody the feeling of knowing I live in a Universe that is orderly, and Creative Power backs me.

I walk through my day, knowing I am one with the majestic power of Spirit. I release my word in trust. I let go, and let it be. And so it is.

Rev. Claudia Mulcahy


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