I Trust the Process (an affirmative prayer)

As published in Creative Thought Magazine, December 2007

“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.” —William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure.

God is Good. God is here and now in my life. The God I believe in—and call Energy, Universe, and Creative Wisdom—is always present. it is always working in, around, through, and for me. There is no separation between this Power and who I am.

God is expressing as freedom from fear or want. Its flow of guidance moves through me as wisdom. It is my partner in success as I direct It. I state my desire in a clear, direct manner and trust the Universe with the how of bringing me my desires. I move to receive what I claim as mine. It makes no difference to the Universe whether I want physical health, world peace, loving relationships, or greater income; It follows the direction I give. As i do this, I let go and have faith, knowing the Almighty is at work.

There is nothing to get in the way of Creative Wisdom, not even me when I consciously team up with Spirit. I state my claim, know it is good, and let it be. And so it is.

Rev. Claudia Mulcahy


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