Remove The Boxing Gloves

If we fight for something, we must fight to keep that something. Surrender. Relax into knowing you’re safe. It’s not a white-flag surrender. It’s like leaning back to float. If you fight the water, you’ll surely drown.

To surrender, you must give up fear. Doing that requires courage—trusting someone, or something has more ability to help you than you have on your own. Trust. Trust this person or power has more knowledge than you in the area needed. This is not to be confused with abdication. You must find the medical team you trust, and believe in. If you’re spiritual, you must do your spiritual work. If you sit to meditate, are you meditating in the energy of love, strength, and health? Or is it a meditation of worry? If so, that’s time spent in fear, and that’s lack of faith.

Whatever you lean into, know It’s everywhere present – including in your body. It’s a power for good, working in, around, through and for you. Accept it. Expect it.

Whether you lean into a spiritual power for good, or have 100% faith in your doctor, the trust has to be there. If the trust is there, the need to fight is removed.


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