Decreased Appetite

Chemotherapy changes how food tastes. Food may taste bland, bitter, or have a metallic taste. This may last until a few months after your last treatment. So, what do you do when you know you need to eat but aren’t hungry, and the taste of food isn’t rewarding? Here are some ideas:

  •  During chemo, I hated the taste—even the smell of garlic. I still can’t stand it.  I switched over to using ginger more than I used to. . . 
  •  Ginger or mint can help mask a metallic taste, as can using plastic utensils.
  •  Get someone else to cook, and use the microwave instead of the oven to cut down on food odors.
  •  Eat often, but tiny amounts. A few spoons of yogurt, a blop of cottage cheese, a chicken wing.
  •  Sip liquid throughout the day. Drink before, or after a meal so you don’t fill up on liquid—or lack hydration by filling up on food, with no room for a drink.

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