Ask, and You’ll Receive

You won’t have enough energy to keep up with all the chores. Friends want to help, but may not know what you need. Ask friends to help when they come over. Or, specifically ask them to come over for a certain chore. Request friends or family to do the heavy shopping—things like potatoes, and water bottles. Make sure they unwrap and put away what they buy, and open a bottle. I got to the point with weakness where I would ask anyone passing by to open my bottles or cans.

Guests: Take out the trash after cutting watermelon, or other messy or smelly things.  Sweep, mop, vacuum, dust, clean windows, water plants, add water to flowers—or trash or compost them if they look old. ASK, “What are you eating this week?” Bring over a little something for her to try.

Fatigue and weakness doesn’t go away the day chemo ends. You’ll need help for four to six months—and in some cases one-to-two years to do certain things. It really depends how much you do in a day. If I do one big thing, I’m fine. If I do three, I’m wasted for the following few days.


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