Got that fingers-slammed-in-the-door feeling? Can’t feel sensations in your fingers? Do your feet burn like they’ve been in a bucket of ice? And when you walk, it feels like you’re walking barefoot on golf-balls?

It’s called peripheral neuropathy. It may be slight, or severe. It may end with treatment, or last a few years—or more. Most people do recover from the nerve damage, but in some, the damage is permanent.

Some chemo treatments affect the nerves in your body. Let your medical team know if you have any tingling, burning, freezing or prickling feeling in your hands or feet. Give them a description, an intensity level and an estimate of duration. This is where a journal of questions and concerns helps at doctor appointments. Write down what’s going on with your body in between your appointments so you can make the most of your appointment time.

To be continued. . . 


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