Neuropathy – Continued

  • Depending how severe, or when (if) you develop neuropathy, your doctor may decrease or change your chemo. You may be given a medication to help relieve the symptoms. I didn’t get very numb in my hands or feet until my last two chemo treatments. Then Wham! At one point, I couldn’t walk across my living room floor, so I crawled. The nerves in your fingertips and toes are furthest from the spine so it may take some time to recover, especially if you’re tall. Hang in there. Also, ask your doctor about your taking vitamin B, or Alpha Lipoic Acid for helping repair your nerves.
  •  Loss of balance is common after a mastectomy, and with neuropathy. If you’re having trouble with your balance, ask your doctor about physical therapy to help your balance.
  •  Avoid temperature extremes. Your hands and feet may be extra sensitive to hot and cold.
  • If you have neuropathy in you hands, be careful with sharp objects. The dulled sensation in your hands may increase the risk of cutting yourself, or not feeling a knife drop or move from your grip. I had others cut things like watermelon for me, or chop onions and celery.

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