Helping The Lymphatic System

Remember The Hippity-Hop? Static bouncing is like that, but you’re not skipping down the driveway. It’s perfect for watching television, talking with a friend, or in your own world of thoughts.

Grab a medium size balance ball at the gym, or blow off the dust on the one at home!

Sit on the ball like it’s a chair, with your feet on the floor.

Bounce while sitting for 5-10 mins.

This is a great exercise for reducing and preventing lymphedema. Within 5 minutes of bouncing, I need to clear my throat, meaning the lymph nodes are working, pushing toxins up and out.

Other good activities for lymph drainage:

  • Jumping on a trampoline
  • swimming
  • raising your arm up like you’re in school waiting to ask a question and open and close your hand.
  • wiggling!
  • manual lymph drainage massage (Vodder massage.) This is not a “regular” massage. There are very specific areas and direction with lymph massage. Less is more. Talk to occupational therapists, nurses, and massage therapists to find a qualified lymphedema specialist. Also, you’ll want to learn self-care maintenance. Using a pneumatic pump as the only therapy, is not recommended for lymphedema.

Until then, happy bouncing!


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