Warning Signs of Lymphedema

Lymphedema is a serious, progressive condition. Stage-1 lymphedema can be reversed. Pay attention to your body. Early diagnosis and treatment are essential. The following are warning signs of lymphedema. If you are an individual who is at risk for lymphedema, become familiar with the list below and contact your doctor, or lymphedema therapist if you notice any of the changes.

  •  Feeling of heaviness, or pressure in the affected limb.
  • Sensation of swelling – even before swelling takes place.
  • Jewelry or clothing fitting more snugly than usual.
  • “Pins and needles” feeling in the affected limb.
  • Bursting sensation in the limb.
  • Skin not bouncing back after pressure is applied to the swollen part and held for a moment.
  • Loss of skin elasticity.
  • Hardening of the skin.
  • Skin ulcerations.
  • Red or blotchy skin – it could be a sign of a very serious bacterial infection.
  • Feeling of heat in the affected limb, or quadrant of body.
  • Even before a visual sign is present, sensing a difference, could be the first sign of onset.

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