Precautions for Lymphedema

Hearing all the precautions re: lymphedema brought me down fast. Do your best to keep your attitude light while honoring your body.
  • Modify, or eliminate activities that seem to set-off sensations or symptoms of lymphedema.
  • Wear your compression sleeve for all repetitive, or weight lifting activities (including heavy groceries, grandchildren—be them heavy or not, mopping, kayaking, tennis. . .) Get the idea?
  • If you lift weights at the gym, go slow. Wait 2-3 days and see how things go. If it seems okay, then continue with your work-outs, but monitor how the affected limb does afterward.
  • Avoid if possible – scrubbing, pushing and pulling against resistance.
  • Don’t over-tire the limb when exercising.
  • Needles and blood pressure cuffs to the affected limb.
  • Take extra caution with scissors, knives.
  • Take action if pricked from garden thorns, or scraped while hiking.
  • Burns—be them sunburns, oven burns, steam burns—tend to them.
  • Avoid Jacuzzis, saunas.
  • If you get manicures, bring your own nail-care equipment.
  • Don’t cut cuticles.
  • Keep skin clean, and monitor.
  • Bounce. Wiggle. Swim. Jump. They’re all REALLY GOOD for you in the prevention of lymphedema!
  • Change position of the limb often.
  • Wear compression sleeve on airplanes (and kept on for a few hours after landing) and travel to high altitudes, such as a road trip to the mountains, or skiing.
  • Don’t sleep with the wearing the compression sleeve.
  • Stay hydrated, and move around.
  • Breathe. Do it regularly! Take a deep breath right now. . .
  • Eat protein. This is important after cancer. Not to eat “tons” – but to eat an adequate amount.
  • Limit sodium.
  • Avoid sodas, wine (seems to set off lymphedema more rapidly than any other food/drink.)
  • Drink water.
  • Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables.

2 thoughts on “Precautions for Lymphedema

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