“B Positive.” It’s More Than a Blood Type.

“Act as if” “It’s all good” “Change your thinking, change your life” “Fake it ‘til you make it” —you know the phrases. These phrases, or mantras are meant to keep us headed the direction we intend to go.

But often people will skim from the top, and sometimes “beginner mind” can be dangerous. If you cut your hand and think good thoughts, will all be well? Maybe. First, being a positive person doesn’t give you license to be a careless, mindless person. Need a band-aide? Use one. Need a doctor? Go. If you want to travel overseas, do you have your passport ready? Have you saved the money? (Ah, but if you want “money speak” you’d be at my blog: http://spiritandmoneymatters.wordpress.com)

Go to the cause. (Hint: It’s you; not them.) If you cut yourself, do your knives need sharpening? Do you need to step back from multi-tasking? What part do you play in people upsetting you? Are you easily upset? Are your thoughts, words or actions harsh? Do you tout “One Love. Coexist. Equality”—then, drive aggressively, gossip, or hold grudges? Whatever we give in thoughts, words or actions, we receive. It doesn’t matter if we’re “joking” or it’s a “fact.” The “good/bad” seldom return from the same person we gave, but the Universe matches in kind. What goes around, comes around.



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