Grief is more of a process than a feeling. Whether grief is over what was, or the loss of someone who was in your life—it can be a slow, painful journey. The feelings involved will take up time, energy, and just when you think you’ve crossed the bridge, a date shows itself on the calendar. It may be an anniversary of a diagnosis, surgery, or passing.

  •  Don’t shut yourself off. People may need cues from you. Let them know you need their support.
  • Cry if you feel like it. Tears provide a release. You’ll physically feel better.
  • Vent if you need to. Don’t be afraid to complain loudly to God. Job did.
  • Pat yourself on the back. some days will be tough. Depression makes the smallest of activities more exhausting than a full day’s work.
  • Trust peace and strength will return to you.

3 thoughts on “Grief

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