Conserving Energy

If everything is a priority, then nothing is a priority. You may be frustrated with how tired you are, and you may want to push through that fatigue. But it really comes down to priorities. You may need to choose between activities, or schedule them during your high energy hours. Map out your day. It may go something like this:

Get out of bed. Eat a few spoons of yogurt. Lie on the couch. Shower. Put some clothes on. Lie on the couch. Finish dressing. Eat a few more spoonfuls. Rest until your ride picks you up for your doctor appointment. Come home and rest.

Or, maybe you’re needing to decide between a walk with a friend, or making dinner for tonight. Ask for help. We heal better when we’re not run-down. Our bodies require sleep to heal; to grow new, healthy cells. Think of a baby. You don’t push that baby to stay awake when they’re falling asleep. You honor that little soul. Honor yourself in that same way.


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