Laughing Yoga

Ho-ho. Ha-ha-ha! I’d been to laughing meditation before and thought it was dumb. A few people sitting around forcing “laughs” out. It wasn’t my thing. A few months ago I found myself at a laughing yoga meeting. I’d met the leader, and she was actually pretty funny! On my first visit there was also another first time visitor.

We did group introductions. Something I’ve never liked in a room filled with cancer patients. “Hello. My name is ______ and I have (blah blah blah) cancer.” It’s nails on a chalk board to me. I greeted everyone, said my name then handed it over to the man next to me. Someone stopped me and said, “You didn’t say what type of cancer you have.” I responded, “Cancer isn’t my identity. I came to laughing yoga for an escape.” The man next to me was a first time visitor from back east. He introduced himself then said, “—and I have bladder cancer.” Immediately, he let out a ripping howl of laughter. It shocked everyone—into laughter! Between my not wanting to affirm cancer, and his laughing at cancer, we shifted the group. Some of the regulars in the group skipped their cancer label for the first time. Everyone got a good laugh.

What’s not funny in your life now? Laugh at it! Go to the mirror and smile. Post a note “Ho-ho. Ha-ha-ha!” It’s not about denial. It’s about moments of freedom.

Anyone remember the scene in Mary Poppins with Uncle Albert, “I Love to Laugh”?

I Love to Laugh


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