We sprung our clocks ahead this week. We’ll have more hours of light in the evening for several months. How does this transfer into your own life? Do you anticipate lighter days ahead? Can you turn away from the darkness of cancer, at least sometimes? Is there bounce in your step? If not, can you imagine the day there will be lightness? Bounce? Imagine that lightness, and bring it into the feeling of “now” — not “someday.”

It’s not to say ignore a rough time, or to brush over grief, regret, or sorrow. It’s to honor the part of you that craves lightness, joy. You can honor both. Allow yourself time to be sad. It’s real. AND allow yourself time to think of all the support you receive from the Universe. Did you have access to safe water today? Indoor plumbing? A day without throwing up? Those are all light shining through!

In what ways can you be like the spring flower reaching for the light? (even when it gets tossed about in the wind, it strives to reach, stand tall, and shine!)


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