Financial Blues

Picture this:

You’re in the United States of America. It’s 2012. You’ve just been diagnosed with cancer—and have no health insurance. Maybe you recently lost your job, or you were on your spouse’s health plan and they lost their job. Perhaps you worked and didn’t have health insurance. Unfortunately, there are lots of similar stories.

Cancer-related bills. Perhaps it’s the prescriptions, the doctor visits, chemo, radiation, or the lab tests and scans, or the cost of gas to get to the doctor. Maybe you’re fully covered by insurance, but aren’t working. Have you cut spending on food or clothing? Have you spent your savings because of cancer? If you’d like to share, please do.

Ask for help. Talk to a hospital social worker. Call Medicare, Medicaid, Social security. As a tax payer, you’ve paid into them. Go to reputable cancer websites such as American Cancer Society and ask if they can help you. If your energy is too low to do the search and inquire, have someone do it on your behalf, helping you as much as they can.


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