“You Should Try . . .”

“You should try. . .” Have you heard it before? Does it make you laugh? Make you mad? Give you hope? From daily mega doses of ginger to broccoli pills—to hydrogen peroxide. Complete strangers will tell you what you should try for your health. Never mind they don’t know how healthy you were before cancer, or what your doctor has told you. Yes, you have free will, but be honest with your doctors about any changes incorporated before risking to counter act the treatment plan they’re given you.

I’ve said this before. If you’ve chosen western medical model as an avenue to help you, you’ve got to work with it. Some of it is counter intuitive, like killing all cells – good and bad to save your life. Several good-hearted people told me to take mega doses of vitamin C while in chemo, or radiation. My medical team specifically asked me not to take any vitamin C or anti-oxidant supplements because they interfere with the treatment given. Later, do what you will. I’m a fan of good food, a balanced diet, and that may or may not include supplements, knowing the body voids them pretty quickly.

Having said this, I did take ginger-root capsules during chemo—along with anti-nausea medication. The capsules helped with very minor nausea, and warmed me up on the days I was cold. The ginger was a bit rough on my stomach. During chemo, we lose some stomach lining. Eat mellow food and you’ll be fine.


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