When Worry Returns

We may flow in and out of worry. We breathe, and release the breath. We don’t make a big deal about it. If we’re stuck in worry, we can’t move forward. We literally cannot think a positive and negative thought at the same time. Nor can we take a step forward and backward at the same time. We must decide what thought, and what direction we intend to go.

Sometimes it’s hard. We don’t always want to share our worries with our friends or caretakers. They may carry the same worries, and we may either want to spend our time with them in enjoyment, or maybe they’re individuals who we know are not able to lift us in thought, feeling and well-being.

If worry interferes with your life, tell your doctor. There are several options: counseling and medication to name the most common. Also, organizations like American Cancer Society and National Cancer Institute have phone lines open 24 hours a day to help you in English, or Spanish.

ACS: 1-800-227-2345

NCI: 1-800-4-CANCER, or 1-800-422-6237

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