Looking Good

Look Good…Feel Better classes.  www.lookgoodfeelbetter.org   (A perk for being diagnosed.) I’d gone to this class two days before beginning chemo. Most of the other women had just completed cancer treatment and had baby hair growing back. In the class I met a new friend who invited me over to her house the next day to try on some wigs. She had several—she spent over $600. for wigs. I tried them on, but opted to wear scarves instead.

If you don’t know what colors, textures or styles of scarves look good on you, grab an honest friend to help you out. On the way to chemo one day, a friend and I stopped by the cancer center resource room. The volunteer offered me to try on some turbans and wigs. I grabbed what we all considered to be a goofy turban style and casually plopped it on my head. The three of us simultaneously had an eye-popping, jaw-dropping response. The turban looked great on me! (Hopefully not meaning my looks are goofy…)

What I ended up wearing were colorful cotton scarves. They were cool, and comfortable. I wore colors that complimented my outfits, and were in my personal color scheme.

Scarves and brim bands for hats.



2 thoughts on “Looking Good

  1. That’s awesome you had so much opportunity to sample different looks. The Look Good Feel Better program in Canada is closely associated with our webpage, FacingCancer.ca – and we’re all about support and sharing. Sounds as though you’re getting plenty with the friends you’ve met.
    Beautiful scarves, by the way. Colour is an energy-boosting accessory when fighting off cancer.


    • Hi Catherine, Thanks for sharing the website FacingCancer.ca with us. Yes, color is super important, especially during treatment, when the face can go pale—or gray. My cousin made the scarves for me 🙂

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