Friends and Neighbors:

Dear friends and family,

What do you do well? What are you willing to do?

  • Are you a healthy cook? It doesn’t even need to be a full meal. Bring over a serving of what you had for dinner, or what you’ll have later.
  • Do you have energy, and go places? If you’re off to the grocery store, or if you’re willing to take a short visit to a park, or beach—offer that to someone with cancer (or aged, sick, not driving.) It doesn’t need to be long—in fact, it shouldn’t be.
  • Use a piece of paper, or poster board and draw or write something. Handmade cards from kids are cheerful, too!
  • When you drop by for a visit, look around. Pick up the broom, take out the trash, look to see what is needed for the next few days. (Toilet paper, paper towels, food, and if there are any special requests.)
  • Does the person you’re visiting need laundry washed? A bed made? The feather bed fluffed? Do dishes need washing? Don’t ask. Do it.
  • If there are things you know you’re not the one to do, let the person you’re helping know that. Also let them know what you can/will do.
When I needed drivers and cooks, I found, to my surprise, very few people who lived near me drove distances, or cooked! I had offers for conversation, walks, and gifts. Those three things were pretty low on my list of what I needed. It’s amazing, though, how things unfold. We are taken care of. Maybe not by the ones we expect, but people step up. I had a neighbor I’d never met come to my door and ask what I needed from the store.



2 thoughts on “Friends and Neighbors:

  1. Great list of tips for helping – that support can be so awkward to ask for, it’s great to see you come out and specify what really helps. Conversations are fantastic, but so is having meals prepared and delivered.

    May more neighbours randomly ring your door and offer help. (Isn’t that something, when people you never suspect step up to help?)


    • Thanks Catherine. Indeed, the doorbell has kept ringing! Funny and sweet — If I go two days without seeing my 92 year old neighbor (whom I didn’t know when I was in the “thick of it”) she comes over to check on me. She brings me homemade meatballs, and biscotti’s. I take her grocery shopping, and last week brought her a Rosemary Clooney CD (sassy 50’s music.) Thanks for following my blog and twitter.
      Health and Happiness,

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