Guided Meditation

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People think they need to sit up straight and hold their hands in a special way to meditate. No. While that’s one way to mediate, you can meditate while washing dishes, or walking. Just be present with what you’re doing in the moment. Fed up with traffic and the day zipping by? Take three conscious breaths at the stoplight. Be aware of breath in; breath out. At times of pain and fatigue it can be more difficult to meditate on your own. Guided meditation and hypnotherapy got me through some rough spots during cancer treatment.

The University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center has a website  (link below) with quite a few guided imagery meditations specifically for cancer and caregivers. They include mediations for preparing for treatment, addressing pain, fatigue, anxiety, perspective and balance, and seven meditations specifically for caregivers. Introduction to Guided Imagery (4 min. 33 sec.)

Check out the list of descriptions. they’re free and can be downloaded into MP3 files. 


4 thoughts on “Guided Meditation

  1. If you don’t find a traditional publisher, try something a little non-traditional–and keep more of your sales profits!! Something to think about.

    I’m an editor there, and I saw your post on Facing Cancer (I have eye cancer). Hard to be an editor with one eye at the moment, but I’m trying.

    Email me if you have questions.

    I’d like to read your book; I’m sure there are others.



    • Hi Jules,

      I’m sorry to hear you have eye cancer. I’m honored you took the time and effort to reply to my post you read on Facing Cancer. Thanks for the tips re: the non-traditional publishing. It’s the back of my mind. I’ve put the search aside for close to a year, and will pick it up again soon. I’ll keep your info handy.

      All the best to you for a quick and full recovery!
      See yourself as seeing and what is beautiful in the world will show up in your experience.

      Peace, Claudia

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