Feeling Gloomy?


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Pray. If you pray, do it with feeling, not by rote. If you’re used to saying a particular prayer, say it slowly, listen to the words. Doing this, you may learn you don’t understand what the prayer means. Know your intention of prayer is for peace, healing, comfort. . . On nights I couldn’t fall asleep, or if I was in too much pain to think my own prayer, I’d say one of two prayers I grew up with. With each breath inhalation, I’d say one word of the prayer. I’d end up falling asleep in the process.

A note on prayer. I believe we pray to change our consciousness; not God’s. I believe God is an energy of Love and Light. It’s your birthright to be here—just as much as anyone else’s,  or the moon and the stars. I’ve heard some people believe they (or others) are punished by a “higher power” when they get a disease. Wow! If you’ve had an upbringing that planted that seed, I suggest you pull that weed-thought out of your consciousness, and get a bigger God.

Meditate. In prayer, we talk to God. In meditation, God talks to us. In meditation, we don’t ask or tell God anything. We listen. Don’t know how to meditate? There are tons of ways to meditate. One quick way to shift energy is to verbally “om” — just let out a long, “Ommmmm.” It’s the sound the universe makes while turning. If a body part hurts, try touching that part if it’s comfortable, and “om” to it, sending it the healing vibration. Some say, “Aum.” If you choose this way, pronounce each letter as it’s soft syllable, a-u-m. Let them run together. Either way, take a deep breath, let the sound roll up and out, and hold it as long as you comfortably can. Repeat at least three times. Sit in the silence. You will feel a shift, and the energy around you will shift, too.

Gratitude: I don’t believe you need to be grateful for cancer, but what about all that support you? Those who’ve gone before you have made your journey easier. You medical team? Insurance? Friends, family, neighbors, strangers who help? Love received and the opportunity to give back, or to have a conversation or relationship you wouldn’t have had prior to cancer? Insights? The list goes on. Keep adding to it.


2 thoughts on “Feeling Gloomy?

    • Yes, connecting with the greater-greatness is wonderful. It puts things in perspective. Even if someone doesn’t “pray” – every thought is a prayer, a mantra, a pause to take in life. Going out in the evening where you can look up and star-gaze can turn into a moment of awakening.

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