Lymphedema and Cancer Rehabilitation


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If your affected limb feels heavy, numb or tingles, you may have the beginning stage of lymphedema—even if you can’t see a difference in extremity size. The sensation is a warning. Pay attention. If you feel the warning signs, and especially if you notice rings don’t fit, find a certified lymphedema therapist. A North America listing can be found at

A lymphedema therapist may or may not sell lymphedema management supplies such as bandages, garments and donning aides. If they don’t sell them, they’ll be able to direct you to a certified fitter that does. Compression garments last six months before the elastic breaks down. Plan to buy two a year. You might check with your cancer center to see if there’s some financial aid for compression sleeves. They run about $100 if they’re ready made, out-of-the-box. Plan to add $50-$75 for a custom compression sleeve. The gauntlet or glove, costs about an additional $70. Insurance doesn’t cover these products. Boy, if I’m not the fairy of good news! Sorry.

Dr. Tammy E. Mondry is a certified lymphedema therapist and orthopedic manual therapist specializing in providing lymphedema services. In this Aware Talk Radio interview (14 mins.) she discusses Lymphedema and the treatment options available to those experiencing Lymphedema.

Her website includes articles she’s written, and information about lymphedema.

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