Cosmetics Tips During Treatment


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I consider myself fortunate to have taken part in the “Look Good, Feel Better” program. The classes are free, and while I don’t consider myself a real girly-girl, I enjoyed learning some make-up tricks, and spending time the with women in this class. The American Cancer Society (or it’s version in Canada, New Zealand, and other countries) along with Personal Care products Council Foundation, Professional Beauty Association, and National Cosmetology Association put on this free class with cosmetic tips and hands-on learning. This will be covered in the next few posts. The recommendation’s include:

  •  Properly use and store make-up.
  • Wash your hands before applying make-up.
  • Instead of your hands, use cotton balls, sponges, or Q-tips to apply make-up. (This took a while for me to get the hang of.)
  • Don’t re-use the applicator. If you need to apply more make-up, get out another cotton ball.
  • Close your make-up tightly after use.
  • Don’t use old make-up. Especially eye make-up. Replace it as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Don’t share cosmetic applicators. This means sponges, swabs, mascara wands. Don’t do it. (What if it had been dropped a month ago on your friend’s carpet? What if you learn they have “pink eye?”)
  • Test make-up in the store on your hand, not your face. (For the same reasons not to share make-up.)

Remember to smile. That’s what makes people beautiful!


2 thoughts on “Cosmetics Tips During Treatment

  1. It’s also worth mentioning these workshops are available without any charge – it’s just a light-hearted hour or two of being both spoiled and educated on looking good (and feeling like yourself) after a cancer diagnosis. So glad you enjoyed the workshop, Claudia. Facing Cancer Together is a follow up to the Canadian Look Good Feel Better workshops, allowing that sense of community to continue long after the workshop has ended.

    I’m looking forward to your upcoming posts!


    • Hi Catherine, I updated the post to include that the class is free. (It states that on the website, but free is a good thing to see up front, too!) Thanks for your input.

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