Why Bother Wearing Cosmetics During Cancer Treatment?


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Foundation/ Blush

If you get dark circles or discolored skin, concealer will do the trick. If you don’t use concealer, your fist step is moisturizer. Then it’s showtime! Use a foundation color that matches your normal skin tone. Apply make-up with a clean sponge, blending the edges. I was surprised at what a difference using blush made. It can make a gray chemo face look vibrant and healthy, happy. I got pretty good with a cotton ball—half a ball over one cheekbone, and half over the other cheekbone. Then a light swipe down the bridge of the nose for a sun-kissed look face.


Bit by bit my eyelashes fell out—the ones leaving would exit falling into my eyes, bothersome and a reminder I was losing them. Then one day I noticed they weren’t falling in my eyes anymore. They were darn near all gone! Tips for your mascara:

  • Don’t add water to mascara, and don’t wash the mascara wand in water. If it’s old, get new mascara.
  • Don’t “pump” the mascara. Pull the wand out, and apply to the top lashes by blinking down as you move the wand slightly up. Then, gently rock the wand back and forth across the lower lashes. If you need more mascara on the applicator, put it in the tube, then remove it (still mindful not to pump air into the container.) Remove all eye make-up completely every night with gentle eye make-up remover.

Bottom line: Make-up may help you look and feel better, but it isn’t who you are. I always got out of bed—even if I only got to the couch. I always got dressed and brushed my teeth—even if it took me an hour, with lying on the couch after completing each step of the task. Until about half way through the process, I put on make-up. Then came days where I chose between putting on make-up, or getting dressed. Those who saw me told me I was making great decisions!

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