Just When You Think You’re in Control


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Sometimes I see myself walking down a road with the path wide open! Then an obstacle manifests and appears to block my way. I’m good at talking to obstacles, asking them to move as if they’re a really fat person at the movie theater blocking my seat. If they don’t move, I can either go around, or crawl over them without anyone spilling their popcorn.

But sometimes, in the process of getting beyond the obstacle, as I get close to it,  I get mad. I blast it with pent-up emotion, fear, and hidden beliefs. I’ve even spat rare but dark comments to cancer, “You’ve ruined my quality of life!” “You’ve taken my beauty!” When I’m done (and rarely before) I catch myself.  Then a flash crosses my mind. An image of someone burned. Someone with minimal movement. Someone in constant pain. I’m immediately transported back to that wide open path, with no obstacles. Perspective is key.

I realize and own my part in co-creating obstacles in my life. Who knows, maybe I signed a contract with an angel before I came to this life experience. Perhaps I said I’d do this for the lesson, or I was a curious soul, wanting the “experience”—who knows. . . Maybe cancer is in the genes. (Skip jeans; wear skirts!) Maybe they’ll discover what we think to be a healthy lifestyle isn’t healthy after all. It’s a stretch, but if they’re now saying chocolate helps with heart disease and cancer—and I was eating fruits and vegetables, it does cross my mind.

Whatever the cause, I had cancer (twice) and we don’t move forward by looking in the review mirror. No one is to blame. Attitude is the difference between hating what’s left, and embracing life.

If you’re hurting—physically or emotionally, affirm the cause of whatever is bothering you be dissolved.

TIP:  If you find yourself in sad thought, looking back, regretting. LOOK UP! Physically, look up. Your thoughts will lift. Your mood will lighten. you’ll feel hopeful.

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