Cancer Rehabilitation

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Show us your muscles, Rosie!

My bachelor’s degree in recreation administration with an emphasis in therapeutic recreation led me to become a registered and certified recreation therapist. I’m a strong advocate of physical rehabilitation. Have you heard of Cancer Rehabilitation? Until recently, I hadn’t. Cancer rehabilitation makes sense. It focuses on the quality of life during and after treatment, if needed.

No matter how long it’s been since your treatment ended, if you’re having lingering effects of treatment, you may want to look into cancer rehabilitation. Here’s a list of conditions to consider: Pain. Fatigue. Deconditioning (a sense you can’t do what you used to). Reduced physical strength. Reduced range of motion. Shortness of breath. Lack of balance. Difficulty swallowing. Difficulty chewing. Difficulty opening or closing your mouth. Lymphedema (swelling). Peripheral neuropathy (tingling, burning, or loss of sensation in hands, fingers, feet or toes.)

Colorado seems to be rockin’ and rollin’ with cancer rehabs. Maybe if patients can make a come back exercising in high altitude, they know it’ll work anywhere! The links below are great articles re: cancer rehab, specifically in Aurora and Greeley Colorado.


4 thoughts on “Cancer Rehabilitation

    • Yes, it sure does make sense. I had a few weeks of P.T. – after losing my balance (common after mastectomy). I’m thrilled we’re starting to see rehab for cancer patients in the U.S.

  1. Great article! Great to hear lots if help in Colorado. Almost everything you mentioned I’ve experienced. I write for a cancer site and I spend a lot of time in quality of life. Maintenance is so important and keeping a healthy thought process.
    Thank you & cheers!
    Rann 😀

    • Rann! ( Thanks for following and commenting! Yes, maintenance is crucial – tougher than I remember it before, but even working on balance counts as a workout now!

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