Check Your Attitude


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Cancer is rough, but think of this: Can you imagine being stripped, taunted. Your parents, brother and pregnant wife have been killed in labor camps or gas chambers. Your wedding ring torn off your finger and tossed into the fire. And you stand tall, saying, “You cannot make me hate you.” (Man’s Search for Meaning, Viktor E. Frankl.) Thoughts Viktor Frankl

Yes, There are really hard days with cancer, and days you could care less about attitude. The day of diagnosis—or re-diagnosis. The week you have not one visitor. But if you can catch yourself in that moment of needing attitude adjustment, you’ll be able to turn it around. You are at choice. It’s okay to give yourself an hour, or even a day of “BLAHHH!!” —Then enough. Time to commit to the greatness you are. Time to hear the call, and shine. This doesn’t mean you have to walk 60 miles, or wear pink. It does mean re-gaining consciousness and living the life you chose. (No, you didn’t consciously chose cancer, but you have it, so now what are you going to do?) You have two choices: Whine and be miserable to yourself and others, or find wonderful things on which to focus.

Did you know the mind cannot hold two thoughts at the same moment? Nope! So, when you’re holding a negative thought, it’s blocking a positive one. When you catch yourself (we all have dark moments, cancer or not.) gently turn it around. When we have a light thought, the dark can’t come in. And just as a light match entering a dark room, the dark gives way to light. Even with the tiny bit of match-light, you can find your way in the darkest of rooms. Go to the mirror now and give yourself a smile. It’s your match. Share your light.



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