Chocolate Covered Cancer

 image credit – Google

Perhaps I haven’t eaten enough chocolate in life. As a kid, I liked white chocolate—which “They” (whoever “They” are) say isn’t chocolate at all. Then, I actually went a few years in my late teens not touching any chocolate at all. It had nothing to do with acne or weight; it was just my way.

I have a confession:

A few weeks ago, I bought a chocolate bar. I broke off a few pieces every day. I didn’t share with anyone. There I was eating dark chocolate. Mid-day. Alone.

I’d just returned from an oncology appointment. After three years, I was told, “You’re cancer free.” I came home and read “breaking news” about chocolate (here we go again—soon followed by a study of red wine, I’m sure). “Chemical compounds in chocolate may protect against cancer.” I’m thin. I eat well. I enjoy the gym. As I read this article, I saw phrases like: may protect, still under investigation, more research is needed, and these beneficial compounds are also found in green tea, grapes, berries and —ah-ha! Red wine. Stunning. Is this were cancer funding goes?

The article in Cure Today, a magazine I enjoy and respect, elaborated on the amazing compounds (catechins and proanthocyanidins) of chocolate and cocoa. I spiraled into an even more analytical mode. Chocolate? Dark chocolate? Cocoa? Aren’t those from the cocoa plant?—a drug? And in an obese society we’re hoping science saves us through chocolate calories? Wasn’t the last cancer study about sugar, and how we ought to steer clear? Oh, maybe it’s the form of sugar—and in the form of chocolate it’s okay.

I grabbed my wallet and walked to the store. Better get there before the health nuts buy all the chocolate bars! I mean, gotta celebrate, right?


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