Gummy Bear Implants

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I’ve never been sure how to use the calendar with cancer. “The journey” could begin with the first  visit, “Hmmm. This looks suspicious.” Or the return visit, “You have cancer.” Or when it sinks in at the second opinion appointment, “You have stage three cancer.”

The calendar is just as blurry for marking an end to the journey, especially if there’s been recurrence. Some say, Done more than once. I have. This time my Done! includes a new FDA approved, “Gummy Bear” implant. The name is Sientra, but it’s been dubbed “Gummy Bear” because it feels like that chewy cutie. (On the outside, anyway.)

My previous implant kept slipping. I had a revision, and within a month it slipped again. Even with my following all the rules and suggestions, like wearing a bra 24/7 for a month, the implant rolled and inched toward my axilla (armpit.) Wearing the bra was excruciating, hitting scar tissue, and fresh sutures. I’m pretty sure the symbolic idea of bra burning in the 60’s was the brainchild of post-mastectomy/implant recipients!

I’ve got the new implants now. They’re textured for the muscle to grip the roughness, to help prevent slip and slide. Immediately, there are some aspects I don’t like (they feel heavy!) Part of that may be due to my being thin. Throughout the cancer journey, my complaints have been answered with, “We hear that from thin women.” Since I remember the adjustment period of the other implants, it’s still too soon to say much about my new trophies.

What are your “Begin” or “Done” moments of cancer?


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