Will Power has nothing to do with mental healing

photo credit: Claudia Mulcahy


It is our conviction, not our concentration that directs the Law of Nature. We don’t force anything, we don’t have to beg, either. We allow Creative Mind to work and demonstrate through, and for us.

If something tough (cancer or otherwise) comes up for you, maybe that situation came into your life to be healed. Or, some other life lesson comes from it. It’s no one else’s business but your own, although many will tell you metaphysically tell you why you got cancer. Life is 100% FOR you! God (whatever that may be to you) is here right now and always working at 100% optimization. This is your personal project. The Essence of Life WANTS you to heal; to be in balance. Your part is to say, “YES! I AM READY. I am going to allow the Universe to work in, around, through and for me. The Universe brought me right up to the door. I’m knocking. YES!  I am open and receptive to all my good! I let go of my false beliefs and begin to celebrate now!”

Let go like you’re letting go of a balloon. It’s easy. It’s done. It’s your conviction, not your concentration. Spirit does the heavy lifting. We only need to allow the work to be done. Repeat this process as often as necessary, but don’t force  it, and make it rote. Conviction for health should be fun! Make it light. Be the child letting go of the balloon. Let your heart be light. If you need to go dark for a while – do it. THEN COME BACK!!! Healing happens in the light. The light always overtakes darkness. (But you have to allow the crack of light in. It’ll expand. It’ll push the dark into dawn. Then focus on your heartbeat, a bird’s song, and allow the day to unfold into glorious moments.

However it resonates with you: Let go; let God. Let it be. Thank you. Om. Aum. And so it is. Amen. Shalom. Praise Allah. Peace.


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