From Reconstruction to Braces

One month after my having plastic surgery (a revision of a revision for my breast implants) I noticed my retainer for my teeth didn’t fit. Still in my “after surgery bra” I decided to get partial braces to straighten my lower teeth that had shifted. My teeth hadn’t shifted that much, but enough for me to know I didn’t want to pay for a retainer to hold them in crooked alignment.  The process will be four to six months. After three years of cancer treatment, this seems like a snap.

I’d met the orthodontist a few days before my braces went on, when I did an unannounced drop by visit to check out the office and staff. I trusted not only this new crew, but my new dentist, whom I’ve seen only twice—during my cleanings. They’re all delightful, skilled and less expensive than what I’d grown used to. Jack pot!

Brace yourself: Before my mouth filled with appliances effecting my communication, I told the staff I understood sometimes they needed to lean into a patient to get at the angle they needed. Following that with a big, “But. . . I recently had reconstruction surgery. If bumping or leaning on my chest can be avoided, I’d really appreciate it!” They were thrilled I’d given them a heads-up, and never even came close to bumping me.

A young teenager and I shared the spacious four-chair room with a great outdoor view. She was also getting braces. I looked over at the teen and told the dental assistant, “Some women get plastic surgery to feel younger. I get braces.” I get them tightened this coming week, and may even go for glow-in-the-dark bands! Movies anyone?




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