Holiday and Cancer Tips

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I’m not one to live via paranoia, but I learned to take precautions during cancer treatment. Because of making wise choices, I never had to postpone any treatments. I went straight through, my eye on the prize of an end date, never getting sick. Here are some ideas that may help during the holiday season:

  • You might need to nap more during the go-go of the holidays. If you’re visiting, or have company, let them know how often and for how long you nap. It’ll give give them some down time, too.
  • If you can’t avoid pot luck or buffet style food, try to get in line first. If you don’t trust the hygiene standard of someone or the look of a dish, skip it.
  • Make sure there are spoons for unwrapped snacks like candy and nuts, or toothpicks for cheese cubes and either skip chips and popcorn or get them in your own personal bowl before others begin digging in with their hands.
  • If you’re having guests over for a holiday meal, or want to bring a side dish, bring something easy – like instant mashed potatoes or a green salad.
  • If you go to a spiritual service or cultural event where people stand to sing or pray, stand seated if you’re tired. It’s okay.
  • If you want to gift people for a birthday or holiday but don’t have energy to shop, make a top ten, twenty-five, fifty, or one hundred list. “Top 100 Reasons Why I Love You.” I made three lists: mom’s, dad’s, and a friend. Each list included memories specific to the person and what they’ve done for me over my life.
  • Someone comes over to visit and they’re sick. Ask them to postpone the visit. If you don’t feel you can do this, have someone else do it for you. If you’re in a metaphysical community, someone may toss out the line, “It’s consciousness. If you don’t think you’ll get sick, you won’t.” Well. . .  First, they’re sick. Second, you have cancer. They have germs; you have a lowered immune system. No matter how awesome the usual health consciousness each of you may have, neither of you have it at this moment. I’m very metaphysical, but we must live within our consciousness. (If you and a friend are sitting in your car in a dark parking lot and you don’t feel safe, lock your door.) It’s not about willing anything, or talking yourself out of fear in the moment. (That’s actually denial, masking it, rather than going to the cause of it and pulling up the entire root, not just the weed-thought.) It’s a matter of shifting your consciousness—and that tends  not to happen in the midst of feeling poorly. My point being: if others don’t understand your situation—if they don’t honor you, you must honor yourself enough to speak up, take action.

Peace, Health, and Happy Holidays!


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