Body Wisdom Wednesday: Regeneration

I like this post – Thanks for letting me re-blog it. If you’re not familiar with chakras, they are wheels of energy within us. While there are many, the focus is usually on the seven major chakras. This post is re: the third chakra. (Think yellow, gut area, lower back.)

The Healing Nest

Liver: Regeneration

Location: It’s located just below the diaphragm, on the right side of the upper abdomen.

Function: The liver turns unwanted protein into waste, produces the bile that helps to break down fats, and destroys toxic substances in the body.

Unique Facts: The liver has incredible regenerative abilities.  Even with 75% tissue loss, it can regenerate into a whole liver again.

Associated Chakra: Solar Plexus (Third Chakra)

Remember the Greek myth of Prometheus? Because Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to humans, he was tortured by vultures who pecked out his liver each day. But each night his liver regenerated—and the cycle continued day after day.  The liver’s ability to restore itself is a powerful example of our body’s gift for self-healing.  We cause our body distress each and every day and yet it most often rebounds for us.  We experience stress and tension…

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