What if cancer comes back?



re-diagnosis credit: Google image

I heard so many with cancer worry, “What if it comes back?”

I was asked (always by a stranger, which I found odd), “What if it comes back?”

I knew it could happen. I was in remission. I was happy. I had no worry of “what if. . .”

Some would say, “Well. . . **it happens.”

Two years and two days after my first diagnosis, I was re-diagnosed. It came back. If there is a second time, on the plus side, you know what to do. You’ve done the drill before. On the down side, you’re familiar with what this journey requires of you, and you may not feel up to it a second time. You may feel you gave it your best on the first go around, and you’re not back to that level yet.

Give it a good cry; a string of cussing and the best pep-talk you’ve ever given yourself. My doctors got more push-back from me the second time than they did the first. Another thing that changed: Prior, I didn’t keep anything cancer related after my last day of cancer treatment (no photos, pink, etc.). I still have affirmations and photos from my last day of treatment in clear view

Don’t fear “What if it comes back?”  It will, or it won’t. Don’t waste your time, energy or head space with it. Either way, you have the tools.

Keep moving in the direction of your dreams – (Henry David Thoreau).


2 thoughts on “What if cancer comes back?

  1. I lived with the “what if” for five years. Then I got over myself and realized I’ve controlled for all the factors I can control – the rest is out of my hands.

    • Good for you. We can’t move forward looking in the rearview mirror. We may never know the “how” and “why” to so many of life’s experiences. If we do our best at each moment, we can hold our head high and continue on our path. (And by it being out our our hands, we can use our hands for more useful things: holding a child’s hand, hugging a friend, opening a door for a stranger. . .

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