Food Meditation

Mindful eating image credit: Google

Before you eat, do you bless your food? Do you think of all the ways the food before you supports your existence? From the sunshine and water, to the farmers, truckers, store clerks, and if it has a wrapper on it, the designer of the package and the person who bought, prepared, and about to eat the food? We could even go out further to prove to ourself the support of all the universe by including our dishes, the chair on which we sit, the drink we’re about to have with the meal. . .

Can you eat in total silence? So many people eat fast. They don’t even know what’s in their mouth at any given point. Try this: Eat with someone and out of the blue ask: What’s in your mouth right now? Describe the taste, and texture. Some people have to stop and think what food is in their mouth! And their hard pressed to describe it.

Appreciating the food we eat doesn’t just mean, “Thank you”. It’s about being aware. Here’s are two links about mindful eating.

This is about Thich Nhat Hanh’s meditation center in southern France. If you’re in southern California, there is a Buddhist monastery that allows the public to join the monks on certain days for mindful eating. (Deer Park Monastery, Escondido, California.)


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