Weight Change During and After Cancer

Healthy Apple Image Credit: Good Search

American Institute for Cancer Research www.aicr.org and Dr. Bradshaw report results from a new study. Results found that women whose weight changes after a breast cancer diagnosis have lower survival rates. Dr. Bradshaw’s study followed 1,436 women diagnosed with breast cancer between 1996 and 1997, and included follow-up interviews until 2005. During the follow-up period, 11% of the women died from their cancer. 3/4 of these cancers were estrogen-receptor positive, and therefore likely to be influenced by fatty tissue.

Findings from this study:

  • Both weight gain and weight loss after breast cancer diagnosis decreased survival.
  • Women in the first two years after diagnosis were especially at risk.
  • Women who gained more than 10% of the their pre-diagnosis weight after a breast cancer diagnosis died nearly 3 times faster from their cancer.

“These findings underscore the importance of maintaining a healthy weight,” says Dr. Bradshaw, “especially in the immediate post-diagnosis period when chemotherapy may disrupt eating habits and appetite. He advises, “Work with your doctor to find an activity plan that lets you be as active s possible.”

If you begin to notice a weight gain, watch what you eat. Be conscious of what and when you eat. Move more. You don’t have to walk The Walk, but move your body. Get up, get out, get movin’.


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