Eating during Chemo

beans Image Credit: Good Search

It’s tough when you don’t want to eat during cancer treatment, but you know you need to. Here are some ideas. If you’re too tired, ask someone to make some for you:

Egg – scrambled, sunny side up, easy over. Pancake. Waffle. French toast. One piece of bread. One tortilla with some cheese. Cottage cheese. Yogurt. Ice cream. Apple sauce. Banana. Smoothie (I love plain yogurt, a bit of cranberry juice and a banana. If you won’t hold it against me, may I suggest adding a big scoop of vanilla ice cream? Yumm!) If the smoothie is more for riding the medication constipation, hands down it’s chard, banana and water. Yes. It sounds and looks awful—but it works!

Green beans. I ate ’em right out of the can. Fresh green beans may hurt if you have mouth sores, and chemo changes the taste. Brown beans. Black beans. White beans. I dumped out of the can and made a salad with a bit of tomato, onion, parsley or cilantro, and cumin. I’d shake things up by changing the color of bean, the seasoning, and adding what looked good. Maybe one day adding frozen peas and corn.

Popsicles. Ice cream. Pudding. Watered down juice. Soup – split pea soup is high in iron. Macaroni and cheese. Soft taco. Watermelon – is high in iron.

Go for a walk. Even if it’s around the block, or three times to the mailbox.


2 thoughts on “Eating during Chemo

    • Hi Kate,
      Thanks for your support and comment. I’m sorry to hear Stephen had MNC and how quickly is spread. I wish you the best in raising awareness. I’m glad you have some readers who know what MNC is, and who support you in your efforts.

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