Don’t Worry

attitude Image credit: Good Search

Years ago I read this and every now and then it pops up as a reminder: If you worry, pray. If you pray, don’t worry. Change is inevitable. Sometimes the change is fast and incomprehensible. How we respond is our choice. We’re never alone. We can feel alone. We can push aside our spiritual beliefs, or refuse to believe in a Higher Power. Even that doesn’t work. The Higher Power is within us, and through us. It is always for us.

Whatever’s going on, it’s not about a Higher Power dissing you. It can give us nudges, signs, and put helpful people and things in front of us. Even with arrows pointing the way, we must figure out what’s helpful, and what to do when “the sign” is presented before us.

We’re the ones who direct the flow of Infinite Intelligence. Where’s your attention? If it’s on sickness, the Universal Flow brings you more. If your attention is on healing, It’s on its way. See the difference? It’s like focusing on loneliness when you want friends. Why would you focus on loneliness? Don’t. Focus on what you want to experience. Friends, laughter, good times. See a loving couple enjoying each other’s company in the store? Say, “That’s for me!”

Whatever we’re affirming, we’re directing Infinite Intelligence to work in that direction for us (and in some cases, against us.) The more aware and more allowing we are of It’s work, the more our receptivity to It continues to increase. The better we know how to work with It, the happier we are.


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