Love. Love. Love.

CandyHeartsimage credit: Good Search

Love. Love. Love.

Quick! Run to the nearest mirror and look deep into your eyes. Say out loud, “I Love You Unconditionally!” Not “I love you when you have make-up on” or “I love you when you have your act together.” I love you now. I love you always. Bald, gray faced, sad or mad; worn out caregiver.

If it’s hard for you, do it three times a day. Each time, say it three times (a total of nine times a day.) Use your name, and include the word “unconditionally.”

If you’re not sure you believe it, ask yourself to believe it. Say out loud, “Help me to feel as loved as I truly am.” You’ll be amazed what unfolds during your day. You may get a much needed phone call, a gift, a card, a kind stranger. Expect love to show up. Accept it when it does.

You are loved.


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