What counts as a liquid?


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Maybe before cancer you could drink eight glasses of water a day with ease. Cancer will make that harder. You’ll feel bloated, and won’t want to drink much. There may be times you decide between eating for calories and nutrients versus drinking for hydration.

My medical team pushed liquids. It wasn’t about drinking, but about getting hydration into my body. The purpose was not only to maintain health, but to flush out the chemo and radiation once it does it’s job. (It’s done its job as soon as that treatment is over that day.)

Liquids aren’t just drinkable. They include things like:

Pudding, jell-o, tapioca, popsicles, apple sauce, yogurt, cottage cheese, ice cream and soup. Juice, tea, and coffee are obviously liquids, but water down your juice to lessen the amount of sugar, and talk with your doctor about drinking coffee or tea. I was asked to avoid tea, especially herbal tea. I don’t drink coffee, so that wasn’t an issue for me. I know I’m in the minority on that one. Drinks with caffeine, and other heated drinks—even water don’t hydrate the body as well. If you fill-up easily, these drinks don’t serve you at this time. Spend your efforts hydrating your body.

Having said this, I had most of my treatment in the Summer. Even when I got cold, I could, for the most part, go outside to warm up. If you’re cold and a warm cup of something satisfies you, consider a cup of hot Ovaltine (made with water or milk) instead of hot-coco. That way, you’re at least getting some vitamins, and no caffeine. Talk it over with your doctor.

Another way to warm up and get your liquid count is by having a bowl of soup. I’d eat split-pea soup a few days before my chemo to get my blood-cell count up so I wouldn’t have to postpone any treatments.

Don’t let feeling bloated get in the way of obtaining liquids. Eat and drink slowly. Eat and drink a little bit, but frequently. Eat and drink things that count as liquids and also provide some nutrients. Just a note about the straw. . ..Using a straw, you may drink more than you think—getting full later. If you use a straw, sip. Crazy-Straws aren’t known for inducing that!




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