Meals for the Caregiver

bringing-food image credit: Good Search

Are you a caregiver who’s tired? In a hurry? Don’t have an idea for dinner tonight? Or, maybe you want to bring a meal to a caregiver and want an easy, inexpensive idea that will make your dinner as well as theirs.

Last week I bought a pre-cooked whole chicken from the store. I took the meat off, put the bones aside for soup. I had some of the chicken for dinner, then I shredded the left over chicken. The next day I made enchiladas with most of the shredded meat. I made them the super easy way—like a lasagna, layering ingredients: corn tortillas, chicken, and just enough enchilada sauce to cover each layer. Sprinkle shredded cheese (go easy) and if you want, include in layers some sautéed onion (in a tiny bit of olive oil). I serve the enchiladas with plain yogurt rather than sour cream. Make sure top layer of tortillas is covered with sauce or foil, or they’ll dry out. Cook about 25 mins at 350. Start cleaning up, then begin to make the rice and a green salad on the side! It’ll all be done in perfect timing. During cancer treatment, this may not be a meal you enjoy. It may be something to enjoy after, or if you’re a caretaker and want a quick, easy meal for you or others who may drop by. It freezes well.

You’re putting lots of your time and energy  into helping someone else get healthy again. Even when you’re tired, try to keep your lifestyle healthy with eating habits and getting plenty of sleep, too. If you can’t do it on your own, ask for help. People will be happy you asked, and you can even suggest an easy, healthy recipe.


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