Preventing Cancer Through Diet

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA image credit: Good Search

According to the American Cancer Society, nearly one-third of cancers are preventable through healthy dietary choices and regular exercise. That’s not an excuse to beat yourself—or others—up, but it is a good reason to get healthy habits into place.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to eat organic, or make every single thing from scratch. It does mean taking responsibility for what and how you eat.

Elissa Epel, PhD, is an associate professor in the department of psychiatry at U.C. San Francisco, and she’s also the director of the aging, metabolism and emotions lab. She says, “It’s about making wise decisions because we’re not eating mindlessly, which is our usual default mode.” With colleagues Jean Kristeller PhD, founder of the mindfulness-based eating awareness training program, and Jennifer J. Daubenmier, PhD, Ddr. Epel studied chronically stressed, overweight and obese women. Half were assigned to mindful training and practice.

This training was nine weeks and the trail group learned how to reduce stress, and become more aware of the eating experience by recognizing hunger, fullness and satisfaction. Think of that. Do you recognize when you’re hungry? Or all of a sudden you feel famished, and scarf down food until you’re stuffed. If we recognize that, hmmmm, I feel hungry feeling and recognize the sensation of fullness (versus stuffed) we’re well on our way to weight control. The other part of it is being in tune with taste and satisfaction.

The women in the nine week trial were trained to notice when they were angry, for instance.—And not automatically react based on habit to reach for food, even candy. In just a few weeks of being mindful, real changes took take place in the weight of these women.

For more on healthy eating, and mindful eating, check the next post. I’ve just had breakfast and am on a roll… (Sesame seed?)

Here’s the link to a food website I really like: Food Hippie



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