Mindful Eating on Day of Pi (3.14)

Today is March 14. (3.14) Happy pi day! Eat responsibly.

Life long healthy habit building. The key is making the effort to pay attention everyday when we eat. Before you eat, check-in with yourself about your level of hunger. Eat mindfully, even if you remember half way through the meal. Better yet, post a note. Pause before eating, whether it’s for prayer, one minute meditation, or to take a breath and lower your shoulders.

Stop for a moment —

We become aware of what’s around us. We make better choices. (One reason of many why I dislike/ hate? – stores with loud music. It invades my space, my thinking, my peace. Which means I must be even more vigilant to stay on task to be true to my body, my wallet.)

By eating mindfully, we change the way we eat. That changes our eating experience. We eat more slowly. If we partake in a silent meal, we may feel more connected to those around us. Or, if we talk during the meal, the experience may become more social, rather than just, “Pass the ketchup, please.”

Before eating, turn off the TV, computer or other electronic devises. Allow your body peace so it can digest the food you’ve chosen to ingest. Be at one with the food that supports your existence.

What’s your environment like? It’s hard to have candles and flowers at the table at work for your lunch, but you can get up from the place associated with work, and go into a place as a respite. You can eat under a tree with a view, or go to your car, taking mindfulness with you. At home, clear off the table, set the atmosphere of peace.

Prepare your meals for all senses. It’s a big enough leap for some to slow down and taste their food, and now I’m saying to include other senses? Yes. What does it look like? Smell like? I don’t mean grease, I mean fresh, fruit or vegetables, warm bread, cold salad… What’s the aroma and what’s the texture? It’s part of being mindful. If your plate has a variety of colors and textures, it’s a fair bet it’s a balanced meal.

Pay attention to how you feel before and during eating as well as how hungry you are before and as you eat. Notice when you start to feel satisfied with the amount you’ve eaten.

If you’re a fast eater, make yourself chew each bite 25-30 times. It will slow you down, for sure! It will also aide digestion.

Use smaller plates. It gives the illusion of being a larger portion. If you make desserts, put them in small cups/bowls. I’ve even heard of using espresso cups. Or, have fruit, seconds on the green salad, or skip dessert unless it’s a special occasion.

American Cancer Society states nearly one-third of cancers are preventable through healthy dietary choices, and regular exercise. Did you know if you eat fatty foods, you’ll have a harder time resisting them in the future? Just by limiting your exposure to fats, you’re helping your mindful, healthy choices turn into life long healthy habits. Our society has forgotten that some foods are for special occasions, and eating those foods in moderation add delight to the occasion. Many people have misconstrued “healthy eating” as “punishment”, or “denying themselves” from their good.



2 thoughts on “Mindful Eating on Day of Pi (3.14)

  1. Thank you for sharing your posts and your wisdom. I live in constant adjustment and preventative mode with a heritage of cancer in the family and also with an impending genetic blood disorder that can cause clots and strokes. I believe in being proactive rather than doomed, to be strong in faith and awareness and to gather strength through friendships and communication. High Five Sister !!

    • Hi Corla! Life happens. It’s how we plan and move through our life that makes all the difference. Lots of people plan to die when they hear “cancer”— Lots of people begin to live. …And some who will die from cancer do what they must to prepare, and then live life as they make their transition. Good for you for keeping a positive outlook 🙂

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