Four Quick Cancer Facts

  • More than 1.5 million Americans will be diagnosed with some time of cancer this year.
  • According to stats from American Cancer Society, the four most common cancers (other than skin) are breast, prostate, lung, and colorectal. Each year in the U.S. there are 102,480 colorectal, 288,190 lung, 238,590 prostate and over 192,000 new breast cancer diagnoses. An additional 2,000 men are diagnosed in America with breast cancer every year.
  • The secrets of long-term cancer survivors are that they go to academic medical centers. They enroll in clinical trials. They ask about new drugs; they choose smart surgeons. (AARP, Dec/Jan 2013)
  • One of every four deaths is from cancer. Every 57 seconds, someone in America dies of cancer (about 1,500 people a day.) This year 1.5 million Americans will get cancer. Almost 600,000 Americans will die of the disease. More children ages 3-14 die of cancer than of any other disease.



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